Thursday, October 18, 2007

World of Warcraft new levelling rates for patch 2.3

edit: I updated the numbers below, I actually got 6300xp from turning in Ghaz'Ridian, not 6000 like the original post said, so I updated the %s too.

I played around a little on the PTR (public test realm) for the upcoming patch 2.3 to WoW to try to figure out how much faster the levelling is going to be once the patch is out. My rough calculations point to a 35% decrease in time to level. For those of you interested in my calculations, read on...
First the caveat: According to the blue Blizzard post, the increase in xp gains as you reach closer to 60. My calculations are based on my alt that is at 47.

The amount of XP required to level from 47-48 has been decreased from 129100 to 105800.
Turning in the Ghaz'Ridian quest got me 6300 xp as compared to the current 4400 xp.

What this means is an 18% decrease in xp needed to level and a 43% increase in xp for turning in quests. This means that it takes you 82% of the time it used to take you to level just because of the decrease in xp needed to level. As for the increase of 43% in turning in quests, I would say half my xp comes from turning in quests and the other half from grinding mobs. So assuming a 21% increase in xp from turning in quests it will take you (82*(1-0.21))=65% which is a 35% reduction in time to level.